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Translate your ideas into clever applications and tools. Then make sure those tools get used. Keep looking for improvement.



Set clear requirements and build your Interactive Video, Platform or Website. Support your existing Business logic and infrastructure.



Make sure your Server and Websites never miss a beat. Stays up to date and secure. Respond quickly when incidents do occur.



Why can't I play with my videos?

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Why is video not interactive? Why are video and the Web not more integrated?
We build a platform that allows you to create layers, buttons, annotations, and set up paths through any videos you have online.
You can build quizzes and have users unlock content by giving correct answers or find elements in the video. tailer your video and make it personal and engaging.

Differently put: you can build stuff like Netflix' "Bandersnatch" with it. Like, really easy and fast.

Learn about video magic on

Digital consulting via webcam using WebRTC on all modern browser and devices. Easy to set up with widgets in Wordpress. check Webcamconsult

virtual mix project
The open-source virtual mix project. Real-time WebGL video mixing, right in your browser. Supports Webcam, Beat-detection, MIDI, Joystick, and Sockets.
Check the Virtual Mixer Project
Or "Find your way in Media" in English, is a tool for kids that makes them aware of the dangers and joys of online life.
Award winning Speech therapy Support app. With
Giving the slums
a voice
african slum journal
Brings the conference
to the physician
Ability Tests
Makes reading
more fun for kids

Sense Classics

de Schrijfwijzen
The big Dictation of the Dutch language initiated by de Standaard (2019)
Interactive Video/ Online Dictation
What it takes to work at Aquafin with (2017)
Interactive Video/ Branching Video
Mach Media
A Valentine Card from Mach Media. With Movietrader (2016)
Interactive Video/ AR
tour of flanders
Tour of Flanders
The entire route on a Moped. Literally. for 'Het Nieuwsblad' (be) (2016) Interactive video/ Geo video
skrillex at the Pakhuis
ADE at the Pakhuis
Pakhuis de Zwijger, ADE (2013)
Projection-Mapping/ Video
Story of Media
The Story of Media
For NUC and Adobe, with Ank1 (2011)
Projection-Mapping/ Video
Build that final part of the A4 already! (2010), with ANWB and TNO
We're all out of Flash be we still got the video.
Lama vs Johan
Lama vs Joran
Our Most Viral project. Ever. (2010)
We're all out of Flash be we still got the video.
Hired or Fired
Hired or Fired
Aka 'The Bionic woman', with Jennifer Hoffman and Bigshots (2008)
We're all out of Flash be we still got the video.
Container Terminal XL
Container Terminal XL
When the Rotterdam Harbour Company wanted to explain their work to their kids. (2007)
Flash/ download/ PC only
Apenkooi 1 and 2
Everybody loves monkey gym
With Apenkooi, Buutvrij (2006)
* * *
Apenkooi 1 (Video)
or Download Apenkooi 2 (exe/ PC)
Johan Gielen
"For You"
In the year 2004, we went on a journey with Johan Gielen. (2005)
Video/ Tour


Make video Interactive

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So we build a platform that easily allows you to do all this stuff; Play, Create, Annotate, add interaction... and more... To any video online!.

Like, you can build stuff like Netflix' "Bandersnatch" with it, at incredible speeds and with extreme flexibility.

Learn about video magic on We help you build your product and put it out there.

Sense does Everything Web. Everything Video, and All in between. We are a solid partner for all your Wordpress needs but do Ruby, platform hosting, cloud services, etc.
We build complex web services in Rails and operate our own CDN for fast, secure video streaming.

The Webcamconsult service we build - and which runs in our hosting cluster - just received their NEN 7510 Certifications.

Live Visuals, VR and beyond through our years of experience at the front line of web development we can give you insights on emerging technology and help you set up a strategy.

Consult, Workshops, and Advise or maybe, let's start with just a cup of coffee!

We can help you find the right tools and point out pitfalls and tell when you need to pay extra attention. Be it about a Website, Blockchain, Virtual Reality or Live Visual Performance. Call.
Really, just give us a call, and we'll talk it through, over coffee.

    We can help you to ...
  • build a Website
  • build an App
  • build a platform
  • make your video
  • host your site (Wordpress, PHP, Ruby )
  • manage your cloud application
  • impress your clients
    and your boss

visuals for the masses

Is the largest and most innovating VJ Collective of the Netherlands. Within are the best and upcoming live visual performers, gathered with the famous old skool dance legends.

You find them from Berlin to Beijing. At ADE and Amstel Live. 3D Animations, live gaming or mixed reality decors; you name it. We work for clients like Dutch Valley, Heineken, Van Gogh Museum and De Wereld Draait Door.


will of design

the will of design
design juggernaut

Design Juggernaut The will of design is a juggernaut design agency, working for a diverse range of clients. Fingerlicking good design combined with a keen eye for User Interaction and brand awareness. The Will of Design makes it look good, and makes it feel good. Without losing sight of your brand and your clients.

Working for Digital agencies, Companies, Startups and, clients like Fabrique, Q42, Heineken, 4net Interactive, Sense Studios,, Florius, Talpa radio, and Nederlandse Loterij

Go See the juggernaut


top-notch & full-stack

Codenuts is the go-to company for top-notch back-end development and system architecture. Codenuts was responsible for the backend design of all Marduq iterations, starting with the early Flash versions in 2008.

Their main focus is on an efficient database and infrastructure design both locally hosted and in the Cloud. They also provide optimization, security and code reviews.


ABN-AMRO, ING, Heineken, Accenture, Bever, Mediahuis, Gazet van Antwerpen, de Standaard, de Volkskrant, Bayer, Philips, KLM, Shell, RTL Group, Buutvrij, Apenkooi, a Million Faces, Bigshots,, Vision Impossible, 9292ov, ANWB, TNO, de Waterkampioen, Salt Magazine, mobypicture, de Bijenkorf, ICE Media, Romway Europe, Movietrader, Clickvideo, Euronext, Thema Uitgevers,, NLtracks, CNR Entertainment, Guus Meeuwis, Studio 21, Mediapark Jaarcongres, Johan Gielen, de Club, Wickedjazzsounds, 020 Inicio localization, Universiteit van Amsterdam, ADE, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Rijkswaterstaat, RVO, Bureau ICE, Jongbloed, IXLY, Webcamconsult, NOtv, Bisini di Papaya, Dorhout advocaten, Millford, vanStijl, Codenuts, Glow, G&J, Emerce, HKU, Waalwear, Laladoo, Veerstichting, Stichting 2 Miljoen Handtekeningen, Nationale Carriere beurs, Libelle, Adobe, Footlocker, The Fairground, Douwe Egberts, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, Medicom publishers, African Slum Journal, Bitcoin Stichting Nederland, ZiEk, North Advocaten, Boekgeheim, Paradiso, Melkweg, Sugar Factory ...

How we work

Making Video Interactive

Send us a mail and we'll hook you up with a Marduq demo account. You get to explore the platform on your own.

Take out one of our very reasonably priced licenses and you start and publish your very own interactive video campaign.


If or you don't have a (junior) web developers on staff, we are always available for assistance and bespoke work. We make sure everything thing works as you like it.

Agile development
But for real

Agile, as a term, has been thrown around too often. It should be used as an adjective. As in agile development. It's a method for a goal, not a goal in itself. It's sad really, because a lot of the core ideas of agile development are awesome!

Dave Thomas has an interesting Talk which is near very near to our approach to software development

"When faced with two or more alternatives that deliver roughly the same value, take the path that makes future change easier"

Deliver a working project as fast as possible. Start iterating and improving in tight cycles. Evaluate every iteration for optimization. Test often, but not excessive. Premature optimization is the root of all evil. Keep your code/ PSD/ sketch/ Project readable. It will be completely alien to you in six months. be prepared to change priorities.

The Intake is the most important step of any project. We like to take time to draw a rough application on a whiteboard together with our client. Make clear what part of the configuration ( Wordpress, Google Spreadsheets, etc ) is done by whom. We can work independently or proactive.

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We abide by the rules of the GDPR and only use your data for our own purposes. In no way shape or form will we sell or give away your info. You may always request your data and it will be deleted at your request just mail for more information GRPR (EU) 2016 / 679